Thursday, February 21, 2013

When you don't have time to look all over town...

I used to drive all over town to find that scrapbook supply that I just had to have.   I'd grab all  my coupons and drive store to store trying to find that one thing I heard about on a blog or forum.   Looking back, now I see that was all madness!  At the price of gas now days, plus the fact that time is money and I can order what I want online and discounted more wasted gas or time.  In a few days, whatever I want will be delivered right to my door.

One of my favorite online scrapbook stores is listed below.   There are always specials and daily discounts  available here too.  

Bookmark this site and check back often for the specials.  You'll be glad you did! Thousands of scrapbooking supplies. HUGE daily discounts!

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